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We are currently looking for a Web Application Penetration Tester to join our growing team of skilled penetration testers.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Year of experience: 5+ Years

Android Security Architect

Year of experience: 5+ Years

iOS Security Researcher

Year of experience: 5+ Years

Network Security Engineer

Year of experience: 5+ Years

Penetration Tester

Year of experience: 5+ Years

Customer Support

Year of experience: 5+ Years

Ethical Hacker (Penetration Tester)

We are seeking a Penetration Tester to develop and implement a Red Team/Hunt function. The selected candidate must have previous Red Team/Hunt experience and meet the competency of a mid to senior level penetration tester. The position will be responsible for performing test-based assessments of client infrastructures using standard hacking methodologies. The candidate will maintain the highest ethical standards and adherence to established rules of engagement. The candidate should have excellent communication skills, both written and oral, and have the ability to interact successfully with clients from the executive level down in both structured and unstructured situations.

Job Specification: ( *** This is a remote position ***)

  • Assist with development of Red Team/Hunt processes, procedures, metrics and test schedule
  • Assist with identification of technology required to perform Red Team function
  • Assist with development of Threat Hunting function that leverages threat intelligence and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to detect threats, identify security gaps and improve SOC operations.
  • Provide on the job training to Red Team/Hunt team and coordinate tasking for team members
  • Assist with development and maintenance of adversary campaign tactics for Red Team use.
  • Perform application and infrastructure based penetration tests.
  • Perform physical security review.
  • Perform social engineering tests.
  • Perform reviews and audits of information security programs and processes as required, covering web application and services, applications software, and computer networks.
  • Develop scripts and programs for penetration test automation.
  • Have understanding of, and experience in, evaluating nation-state, hacktivists, and cybercriminal capabilities and activity.
  • Communicate to team members and senior leadership cyber risk(s) to the enterprise though operational briefings and penetration test reports.
  • Ability to identify trends in cyberspace with regards to adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures, targeting, malware development and implementation.
  • Track metrics and trend analysis on discovered attacks, vulnerabilities, and mitigations.
  • Proactively research emerging cyber threats. Apply analytical understanding of hacker methodologies and tactics, system vulnerabilities and key indicators of attacks and exploits.
  • Perform network traffic analysis utilizing raw packet data, net flow, IDS, and custom sensor output as it pertains to the cyber security of communications networks.
  • Utilize understanding of attack signatures, tactics, techniques and procedures associated with advanced threats.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Exceptional communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Ability to build solid relationships and able to effectively communicate with all levels of clients in a professional manner.
  • Excellent self-tasking skills.


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