Audit your Online Business Security combining
Automated and Manual Testing

Protect your organisation by detecting vulnerabilities before any malicious person or organised cyber criminals find them. Combining automated and manual testing can ensure real-life, full test coverage, and will make a huge difference in securing your online business and maintaining your customers' data safe and secure at all times.

Easy to Use

Easy to use so you can start scanning your website within seconds.

Multiple Website

Manage multiple websites and mobile apps from one central dashboard.


Stay alerted when vulnerability is detected or when anything critical needs your immediate attention.

Automated Penetration Testing with a Click of a Button

Our experts will test the aspects of your application that need human intelligence to be reached, complementing your automated assessments to provide maximum application coverage.

Application bugs

Where web applications are detected, we check that there are no application-layer vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, or Cross-Site Scripting in the unauthenticated areas.

Missing patches

Where software versions can be identified or fingerprinted, we check that the software is not missing any security patches which could leave it exposed.

Configuration weaknesses

We check that no equipment or services have been configured in a way which reduces their security, such as default credentials, or weak encryption.

It’s 100% Free to Start

Try Secuaudit for free , create your account today and start testing your web applications within minutes.

Step By Step Instructions On Where And How To Fix Each Vulnerability Found

Get detailed Instructions on how to fix your vulnerabilities according to your current technologies.
Understand the state of each vulnerability.
Add unlimited team members & assign vulnerabilities to each of them.


Engage our ethical hackers to thoroughly check your IT infrastructure for security and data leaks. With our expert penetration tests, we simulate a hacking attack on your company network, websites, e-shops, databases or mobile apps.

Without prior information about the environment

With partial information about the environment (e.g. to access an application)

With complete information about the environment

Trusted by Big and Small Businesses.

Eliminate application vulnerabilities and stop data breaches.

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